Equipment Resource Page

Equipment is not required for every class.

Therapy Balls and a MELT Roller are the most frequent used pieces of equipment and are required for the following classes: Fascial Remodeling, Roll Model, Posture & Alignment, Melt Method and Restore & Reset.

The PreHab: Mobility & Activation and Strength & Conditioning classes may utilize resistance bands and an ‘odd object’ in class from time to time. If you are a new client, we would love to hear from you and learn what pieces of equipment you have available to you. Reach out any time to

Click on the class name below to see an extensive wishlist of fun toys that can be used during class, on your own or during your 1:1 sessions.

Fascial Remodeling™

Roll Model®

Strength & Conditioning

Posture & Alignment

Functional Core Integration

MELT Method®

Restore & Reset